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I started my 30 day what to do goal list for Feb and realized I had forgotten to BLOG for January. Life has so many distractions that it’s a miracle we can focus today on anything. Since last week I have been thinking what would be a good subject to write about? I read a lot of books, (readers are leaders) and typically have 2-3 different books going a month.  Nothing was really resonating with me. Then it hit me, I realize some days, some weeks, some projects and our lives are like a puzzle.

We approach putting puzzles together the same way we usually do when we start a project or goal. We start to visualize it being completed first. We buy the puzzle for the same reason because we can see what it’s going to look like before we buy it. When we go to buy a puzzle we browse, look at the pictures on the outside of the boxes until we find something that is challenging and feels good. Maybe you’re like my husband and buy it for the challenge and then work on the easy pieces and leave the tough parts for your wife. We usually buy a puzzle with a least 500 pieces.  Sometimes am so excited to rip open the puzzle box when I get home to get started and realize I can’t. Sometimes it sits for days or maybe weeks. Again resembles our life goals and projects, we can have all the intensions to get started and the timing may not be right but never losing sight of the goal.

Finally we dump the box some of the pieces are still together, some pieces are upright and others need to be turned over. It may look like a big mess but as you turn over the pieces and start like most putting together the edges to start the foundation you begin action. If you just sat there and looked at the pieces you would never put the puzzle together and finish. Our goals would never get completed either, if we just thought about it and never took action. Mapping out our goals are like laying out the puzzle pieces. Look at your life, career and goals as a puzzle. Sometimes pieces fit together easily, other times it takes more work and sometimes you need to take a break and then you come back to it, because giving up is not an option!

Point being is thinking won’t overcome fear but action will, our goals may change along the way just NEVER GIVE UP!

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